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10 Smart Classrooms at Shree Ram Global School, Greater Noida

STEM Innovation Center at Greenfields School, Ghaziabad

10 Smart Classrooms at Shree Ram Global School, Greater Noida

10 Smart Classrooms at Shree Ram Global School, Greater Noida

10 Smart Classrooms at Shree Ram Global School, Greater Noida

10 Smart Classrooms at Shree Ram Global School, Greater Noida

Transforming Learning Environments


A smart classroom is the technologically advanced version of the traditional classroom setup. It usually consists of Interactive displays for an enriching learning experience. We create technology-enabled learning spaces that integrate multimedia tools and digital content into teaching.


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) labs are dedicated computer labs for students. These provide access to the internet, word processing software, and other digital resources that support learning. Students can work on research projects, create multimedia presentations, and learn basic computer skills.


The key message of BALA is that learning can be fun and engaging when students are actively involved in the learning process. We use building infrastructure to curate activities, students can learn and retain information better as it allows them to visualize and understand complex concepts in a more tangible way.

Improving Access for All


A virtual classroom is an online learning environment that simulates a physical classroom. With our solutions, teachers can conduct classes using video conferencing tools, interactive displays and software. Students can participate in real-time discussions, submit assignments, and take assessments. This ensures access to more number of learners at a time.


The e-learning solutions have revolutionized the education sector by expanding access to education, fostering interactive and personalized learning experiences, and facilitating lifelong learning opportunities. Now, students can access learning materials and assessments with a ease of a few clicks anytime anywhere and most importantly they can learn at their own pace with the help of our software based on personalized adaptive learning algorithm.


Our hybrid learning solutions offer the benefits of flexibility, individualization, and increased access to educational resources while still providing valuable face-to-face interactions and support. They enable a more dynamic and engaging learning experience that combines the best of traditional instruction with the advantages of technology-enabled learning.

Immersive Learning Experience


Our solution for augmented reality-based classroom transforms traditional teaching methods into dynamic and interactive experiences, creating a more engaging and effective learning environment. It encourages active participation, enhances understanding, and prepares students for the challenges of the digital age. With the use of immersive displays and digital content in 2D & 3D formats, the experience becomes surreal.


A virtual reality (VR) based classroom refers to a learning environment where virtual reality technology is utilized to create immersive and interactive educational experiences. We provide VR headsets or VR devices enable students to enter virtual simulations or environments that replicate real-world scenarios or create entirely new learning environments.


A mixed reality (MR) based classroom refers to a learning environment that combines elements of both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to create interactive and immersive educational experiences. Our Mixed reality based classroom environments merge virtual content with the real world, allowing students to interact with and manipulate virtual objects while maintaining a sense of presence in their physical surroundings.

Inclusive Learning Comfort


A language lab is a digital language learning environment that enables students to improve their language proficiency. With the help of consoles or language learning software that we provide, students can practice listening, speaking, and writing skills using multimedia resources. Language can no longer be a barrier in the learning process.


Remedial solutions in education refer to interventions or strategies designed to support students who are experiencing difficulties or gaps in their learning. We offer real time insights in our software on the basis of learning process of students to help them identify and correct their learning gaps.


Children with special needs require specific support and accommodations to ensure they receive an inclusive and effective education. Our Application addresses their needs by using assistive technology, sensory techniques, cognitive training while providing the parents & caretakers real time progress reports to understand them better.

Curiosity Generation


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) innovation centers, are specialized educational spaces that focus on promoting hands-on learning, creativity, and innovation in STEM disciplines. Our innovation centers provide students with opportunities to engage in practical, inquiry-based activities and projects, fostering their interest and proficiency in STEM fields. The working science exhibits, robotics programming kits, tablets and much more enables the students to explore their curiosity.


Gamification of learning refers to the integration of game elements and game design principles into educational experiences to enhance engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. It involves using game-like elements on our e-learning software such as challenges, rewards, competition, and interactive storytelling to make the learning process more enjoyable and immersive.

OUR Tech-Back Mechanism

Our signature Tech-Back mechanism is an initiative we have undertaken to bring in sustainability in the field of IT so as to create circular economy based model. It is a process wherein we take your technological assets back so that you can upgrade to new gadgets responsibly. We manage the disposal or end-of-life treatment of your assets. It ensures that the assets are recycled, reused, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly and secure manner.We in turn offer discounts on the new gadgets to be procured based on the valuation of old assets. Here are some key aspects of our tech-back mechanism:

1. Evaluation of Assets

2. Collection Process

3. Data Sanitization

4. Sorting

5. Refurbishment and Reuse

6. Disposal Certificates and Reporting

7. Stakeholder Awareness and Education

8. Continuous Improvement and Monitoring